prep parties

a unique date night or girls night out 

You could spend a ton of money on dining out and multiple rounds of drinks, or you could spend the same amount on a unique, fun evening that sends you home with the world’s best party favors: ten delicious meals ready for your family to enjoy.

Leave for a fun night out. Return with enough meals to feed your family for over a week. No grocery shopping or prep work required.


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  • We host a variety of open in-store (public) parties each month at each of our locations. Attendees work together to prepare freezer meals from the featured menu.
  • Show up on your own, with a date or your favorite people. Everyone has a great time assembling all their meals for the next several days. 
  • Please check our Facebook Page for our party themes and dates (we have Clean Eating, Paleo, Serves Two, and many more).


  • Private party hosts pick the menu, date, time and location (our shop, your home, etc).
  • You then invite 10+ guests (no maximums) and everyone has a blast while creating 10 meals for each of their families at the same time (and in no time).
  • If you choose your own menu, you will receive 5% off your ten meals at your party. If you use the pre-selected menu for the month, you will receive 10% off your meals at the party. Awesome.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us