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Bringing back some old favorites off our “Hidden Menu” from our early days!

DO NOT MISS OUT - No clue when we will be making these meals again - ACT NOW!


$170 for Serves 5

$85 for Serves 2

Keep in mind, we do NOT typically stock all of these meals!

Menu Options - Mix n Match if you want

  1. Orange Shredded Chicken

  2. Hawaiian Pulled Pork

  3. Black Bean Chicken

  4. Parmesan Honey Meatballs

  5. Sweet n Tangy Chicken

  6. Mexican Tater Tot Casserole

  7. Parmesan Chicken Baked Ziti

  8. Cheesy Chicken n Rice Casserole

  9. Tangy Pulled Pork

  10. Breakfast Burritos

Orders are due by July 26th

Pick up is this weekend - Fri, Sat, or Mon.

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Please let us know if you have any questions or if you'd like multiple quantities of any particular dish. Thanks!

Peoria: 309-839-1321
Washington: 309-444-2948
Bloomington: 309-662-6889
Champaign: 217-607-2376
Pekin: 309-349-3275